Friday 11 December 2015

I have a Sixth Sense

(Photo courtesy of Sixth Sense Salon)
I never realised just how important my hair is to me and my confidence until I had a bad haircut from James Bushell on Hagley Road. Alex from that salon rushed and gave me a blunt choppy haircut that did not suit my hair, as well as cutting layers at the front that appeared to create corners, so I have been growing and waiting impatiently to get my hair mojo back. I have had a haircut since that dreaded cut, which helped to decrease the damage. I have heard about Sixth Sense Salon in Sutton Coldfield from many of my blogger friends and after attending their first year anniversary party, I knew I had to try it out. So, when I was invited along to get a haircut and blowdry from the head stylist and owner, Dean Vinning, I jumped at the chance!

As you can see from the image above, my hair is very thick, long and just looks unruly. I normally wear it curly because it is naturally wavy and goes into curls easily.

I used to work at the college in Sutton Coldfield so I know the area well and I was able to find the salon easily. I arrived on a Thursday evening and the salon was busy but there was a friendly and yet relaxed atmosphere. Dean took his time to understand what I wanted and I explained the hair journey I had been going through the last 6 months. I wanted my hair at armpit length, , weird length I know, in a v cut, to have a middle parting fringe Alexa Chung esque and for the layers to decrease the thickness but not to make my hair too thin. 

Dean got working on my hair and was the person who washed and cut my hair, which is not the norm for someone of his status within a salon. This is something that he has intentionally done to ensure that, on most occasions, everyone will have the same person from the consultation to blowdry. I liked how when you are having your hair washed there is a tv screen to watch, normally I just close my eyes or talk to the stylist but it was nice to have something extra to talk about with Dean too. I also liked how Dean took his time to wash, cut and blowdry my hair, ensuring that I was happy at every step and the results speak for themselves.

I have never had such a fantastic blowdry and the cut was exactly what I wanted, he hit every criteria I wanted. Dean and his partner, also named Dean, are off to Brazil for Christmas, this has left me gutted that I cannot go back to Dean for a blowdry for my work's Christmas party because it just felt so good. A testement to how good their service is, was shown in how hard it was to book an appointment. I cannot wait to go back to Dean for a cut, chinwag and legendary blowdry.

  • Amazing blowdry
  • A hairdresser that actually listens
  • Haircut that matched exactly what I wanted
  • Great facilities
  • Friendly and relaxed atmosphere
  • Prices are reasonable and slightly cheaper, compared to City Centre prices
  • Awkward robes that don't protect you from the hair that is cut off. This could be easily fixed with robes that have a velco fastening at the top.
  • Location may be out of the way for some, but easy to find once you are in Sutton Coldfield.
  • May be hard to book an appointment with Dean, so ensure you plan ahead.
My cut and finish was complimentary, normally it would be £54 for a restyle and £45 for a cut and finish with Dean. For more information, including Sixth Sense Salon's Christmas opening times.

For more details, just check out their site or tweet me with any questions you may have.

I finally have my hair mojo back!

I also had my hair highlighted and will be sharing images very soon on my Instagram, as I wasn't happy with the lighting on the day and now I need to get the style right because now it needs a wash.

*Many thanks to Dean and Dean for the haircut and great hospitality*

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